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Lounging concert: Kulno Malva

Kulno Malva is an active accordion player, composer and traditional musician.

In addition to the solo project, he plays in various ensembles: Lepaseree, Folksell, Hajameelsed Kunznikud, Duo Malva & Priks, he has also been a founding member of several well-known ensembles like Svjata Vatra and Nikns Suns.

Kulno Malva has released two solo albums. He is also developing an entirely new programme, where you can hear instruments like sansula, ocarina, and Estonian bagpipe in addition to one of a kind accordion music and songs. With effects and a looper, it forms one impressive piece.

Kulno says about himself: "I'm looking for my own sound (sound language) and face, I do not want to follow the paths that have already been discovered but blaze my own trail into the music field, whether it's the inherited song or the music I have composed myself."

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