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Lõõtsavägilased with concert programme "The Party Starts!"

The ensemble Lõõtsavägilased includes three young accordionists, Andres Eelmaa, Rasmus Kadaja, Tobias Tae, and the ensemble's tutor Margus Põldsepp. Mostly folk and traditional music is played, but also other styles.

The songs are selected together and written by themselves.

The band, founded in January 2014, has taken part in several important and major festivals and events - Viru Folk, Hiiu Folk, Viljandi Hanseatic Days and Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Harku Kantri, Grillfest, etc. The stage is shared with Untsakad and Zetod, and Lõõtsavägilased also took part in the 30th anniversary concerts of the ensemble Seelikukütid.

In 2015, they won Etnokulp Award in the category Traditional Music Newcomer.