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Literary Festival "Estonian Writer 2017"

The focus of this year's festival is lasting – in flesh and in spirit.

As usual, the writer, the reader and new Estonian literature will meet in August at the Liivi Museum.

This year, we are intrigued by the question of whether the idea of living is to convey genes, to cross over times with one's creation, the preservation of language and culture, or anything else. Thematic works are under observation, we are peeping into the writer's drawer and feeling free.

There will be (in alphabetical order): Vahur Afanasjev, Maimu Berg, Sveta Grigorjeva, Maarja Kangro, ensemble Kiilanev Krokodill, Mihkel Kunnus, Mihkel Mutt, Carolina Pihelgas, Birk Rohelend, Jürgen Rooste, Johanna Ross, Anti Saar, Tõnis Vilu and so on. It will be recorded by the Raadio Ööülikool (Night University).

Come and take your friends with you! You can spend the night in the tent or in the museum's premises (please email in advance).

There are a buffet, a campfire and a smoke sauna on site.

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