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Journey to Infinity

The man's life is a journey from cradle to grave. For some it is nonexistently short, for others, it is annoyingly long.

It's the same with a journey of a country. It depends on the sun given to it and which it shines back itself, and whether the nation is called as a companion, or rather ... it is forced to.

The exhibition "Journey to Infinity" will be opened to celebrate the century long life of the Republic of Estonia and the quarter-century long life of the Museum of New Art in the hope that both our country and the people will last in the infinite number of human generations. And that the creative spark, the beginning of all good deeds, would never fade ...

Unfortunately, the possibility of fading has been hanging over the Museum of New Art throughout its life. On October 1, 2017, the museum's birthday or anniversary will be celebrated, as in a privately owned building, the museum may stay until that date. And if the Pärnu town and the state do not support the idea of opening a house of artistic associations in the building of Esplanaadi 10, in addition to the museum, then there will be no other way than to start packing the collection and to start searching a new home from another city or another country. It's hard to believe that Estonia and Pärnu are looking at it peacefully...

The "Journey to Infinity" consists of five interconnected displays.

Ludmilla Swarczewskaja, who was born in North Ossetia, who has grown up as a textile artist in Estonian Academy of Arts and who has been living the majority of her life in Pärnu leads the viewer to a complicated and controversial world of spirits with her work "In Search of Falling Stars".

Paintings by Philiph Luige, a Swedish painter born in Estonia, represent the beginning of the artist's creation, the reflection of the soul's light over the canvas. So the title of his exhibition is "Inner Light".

The exposition of Vivian Schotowsky, a jewelry artist born in Pärnu, is very festive and her works are made of good old silver. About hundred silver pieces are created with the warmth of heart and have been titled as "Gift for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia".

Painting and installation artist born in Pärnu, Andrus Joonas, has graduated Estonian Academy of Arts' Pärnu College "Non Grata" and despite the great international recognition he has remained faithful to his home in Kõima. At the end of the last century, he entertained people who passed his home with road art, which offers food for thought even today. The display of Andrus Joonas's exhibit is entitled "Route", not mentioning the beginning and the end of the course.

Mark Soosaar, born in Viljandi, has traveled around the world but considers Pärnu as his home town, presents his exhibition "Journey to the Unknown" which is compiled from works from the collections of the Museum of New Art and from works by the man himself. Mark Soosaar believes and hopes that this exhibition will not be the swan song of the museum created by him.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on September 8, 2017, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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