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Jane Remm's exhibition "Forest. Portraits"

On Friday, March 31, 2017, at 18 o'clock, painter Jane Remm's exhibition "Forest. Portraits" will be opened in Haus Gallery.

The main character of the enchanting paintings is the forest in its different forms, its rhythms, wild thickets, and single trunks zoomed in on.

The exhibition portrays the forest, valuing it as a constantly changing life-rich environment and dealing with the relationship between human and forest. The works exhibited belong to three series. The forest space attracts the eye and carries one with, shifting the perception of space. The paintings of thickets deal with the relationships of wild space and human influence, combining views of the structural and species diversity, juxtaposing it with the ordered monotony of the human culture. The portraits of trees present a close-up to the tree trunks, portraying their varied expressions and how they offer a living environment to many other species: lichen, moss, fungi, borers.

"Being a forest people and somewhat wild has an important place in the self-image of Estonians, in Estonian language the word wild (primeval, uncivilised, not cultural) is also related to the forest," the author explains. "Estonian landscape is mosaic and there is plenty of forest left, so everyone still has a connection to the forest. Our rather ordinary habit of going into the forest and living near a forest is an elite luxury in the context of the world. At the same time, the Estonian forest and the attitude towards it is changing. The constant economic growth wants a profit out of the forest and urbanisation creates estrangement from wildlife. For a city dweller, the thought of going to the forest is often romantic, but it is also uncomfortable there, there are tedious insects, thickets, and shoddy ground."

Jane Remm (born 1978) obtained art education in Tartu Art School (1996–1999), painting department of the University of Tartu (BA 2003), and the interdisciplinary art department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA 2007). She has been exhibiting her works since 2003 and her works have been showcased in many homes and offices as well as Tartu Science Park and the University of Tartu.

The selection of exhibited works can be seen here:

Haus Gallery is open from Mondays to Fridays at 10–18 and on Saturdays at 11–16.

Entrance is free of charge.

Jane Remm
Portraits of the Trees. Pine in Elva.
Not dated. Oil on canvas 130 x 70 cm (not framed)

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