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IV Peipsimaa Organ Festival

The organ festival of Peipsimaa makes organs ring between the Midsummer Day and the youth song festival in Iisaku. Torma, Lohusuu, Mustvee, Kodavere, Räpina, Tartu, and Petseri. Performers come from Finland and St. Petersburg as well as Estonia.

On June 26 in Räpina and June 27 in Tartu St. John's church, the string orchestra Collegium Musicum from Lohja, Finland, will give concerts with soloist soprano Inka Kinnunen, conducted by Harri Kerko.

In Lohusuu church, the young Estonian organist Arno Humala, who studies in Gothenburg, can be listened to on June 26. The clarinettist Erle Kont, who studies in Sibelius Academy, and violinist Saimi Kortelainen (Eller music school, Tartu) take the stage to make music with him.

On June 27, the well-known Estonian organist Ene Salumäe will perform in Mustvee church along with Karin Salumäe, who sings in the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Their repertoire contains psalm music of Estonian composers.

On June 28 in Torma church and on June 29 in Iisaku church, the organs will roar at the hands of renowned Russian organists, the organ duo Dina Ichina and Denis Makhankov.

The festival is closed on June 30 in Kodavere church by organist Elke Unt, who is also the organiser of the festival, along with violinist Katrin Nachtigall, who works in the orchestra of Kymi Synfonietta, Finland.

The concerts are free of charge for guests thanks to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and local governments (except for Tartu St. John's church).

In exchange for the musical experience, the organisers ask the audience to make donations to the local congregations, who take good care of the organs, which the parish people and squires have once acquired.


June 26 at 19 Räpina church
Collegium Musicum Lohja (Finland).
Conductor Harri Kerko, soloist Inka Kinnunen, Elke Unt (organ)

June 26 at 19 Lohusuu church
Arno Humal (organ), Erle Kont (clarinet), Saimi Kortelainen (violin)

June 27 at 19 Tartu St. John's church
Collegium Musicum Lohja (Finland).
Conductor Harri Kerko, soloist Inka Kinnunen, Elke Unt (organ)
Ticket: 7/5 euros

June 27 at 19 Mustvee church
Ene Salumäe (organ), Karin Salumäe (alto)

June 28 at 19 Torma church
Dina Ichina and Denis Makhankov (St. Petersburg)

June 29 at 19 Iisaku church
Dina Ichina and Denis Makhankov (St. Petersburg)

June 30 at 19 Kodavere church
Katrin Nachtigall (violin), Elke Unt (organ)

June 30 at 19 Petseri church
Olga Zhukova (organ, Switzerland)

The festival is supported by: music endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, expert groups of Tartu, Põlva, Jõgeva, and Ida-Virumaa, and local governments of Räpina, Pala, Lohusuu, Iisaku, Mustvee, Torma, and Tartu.

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