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Ilmar Kruusamäe's painting exhibition "Human"

"Human" ("Inimene"), the painting exhibition of Ilmar Kruusamäe (born 1957), the living classic of hyperrealism, is on display in Vana-Võromaa Culture Chamber.

A selection of large-scale portraits is an overview of his creation, with which the artist celebrates his jubilee year.

"Kruusamäe is a disturbed realist, whose own empathy abuses him, but who does not let the moment dull and the time be lost nevertheless," the Võrumaa-born art researcher Eha Komissarov writes. She recognises Kruusamäe's skill to hyperbolise his models, subtly sharpening their expression or equipping them with a deceptive pose, which reveals grotesque behaviour or speaks about emotional confusion.

The artist has created dozens of giant portraits, from which Ants Juske, Sven Kivisildnik, Marko Mäetamm, Tõnis Mägi, Eha Komissarov, Imat Suuman, Matti Milius, Hannes Varblane, Kurt Vonnegut, Arvo Kukumägi, the last Mandan language speaker Edwin Benson, his mother, and others look back at us. These are the people who have stood by the artist throughout the years, with whom he has grown up together and matured. Due to this, the uniqueness of the person has also been preserved in the painting.

The selection of the paintings and the full picture of the exhibition can be seen in the exhibition hall of Vana-Võromaa Culture Chamber (Katariina Blvd. 11, Võru).

The opening of the exhibition takes place on March 22, 2017 at 13 o'clock.

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