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Four dance pieces about the folk costumes

Tallinn University's choreography students' dance pieces about the folk costumes at Estonian National Museum.

The dance performance consists of four dance pieces about the folk costumes, preceded by the dance choreographer's story about the birth of the dance.

1. The joint production "ALONG THE TABLE", choreographer Elo Unt, duration ca 15 min.

Behind the table, we can get together with the loved ones, we can eat, assign the tasks; on the table, we put the unknown to assess it further, and whatever our route will be, it will always end along the table.

Elo Unt is the artistic director of the Soveldaja folk dance ensemble of Tallinn University and the lecturer of the national dance art of the choreography curriculum. She graduated from the Department of Choreography of Tallinn University in 2002, and has long been a choreographer and dance teacher of the Estonian Dance Agency and has assisted the choreographers of several Estonian musicals.

2. Solo show "DISHARMONY", choreographer Kaisa Kattai, duration ca 4 min 30 s.
Music: Vladislav Delay - Hetkonen
Video: Kaisa Kattai and Katrina Raiend
Dancer: Lisanna Tälli

The work is based on the concept of "cognitive dissonance", in which a person says one thing, but does the other. Does the other, but thinks the third thing. A cognitive disharmony between two or more pieces of knowledge or between two or more people inside us.

Kaisa Kattai is a young choreographer and dancer studying choreography at Tallinn University. She has previously studied modern dance in Denmark, has been a (guest) teacher in several Estonian dance studios and provides contemporary dance workshops for young people. Kaisa knows what she wants to express with dance. She also knows how important the rehearsal process is for achieving the goal and the importance of continuous testing of the boundaries of the body and mind.

Lisanna Tälli's dancing path began at the age of 12 when she began to enjoy folk dance, which she was passionate about, and which continues to be her great interest. She is currently studying at the Department of Choreography at Tallinn University and has discovered dance styles and forms that have improved her and offered her some new opportunities (from hip-hop to oriental dance). Lisanna likes to take part in various dance projects, especially those where she can experiment with something new. Her course mate's Kaisa's performance "Disharmony" was novel and challenging for Lisanna, and developed her as a dancer.

3. Solo show "IDENTITY", choreographer Richard Beljohin, duration ca 10 min.
Music: It Must Be True - The John Buzon Trio / Hava Nagila - Dick Dale / Panic Music - FesliyanStudios
Dancer: Karl-Gustav Kasemaa

The work explores the identity of a human being through humour.

Choreographer Richard Beljohin is interested in the forms of movement and behavior in modern dance. The director's dance background consists of character dance and Estonian dance.

Dancer Karl-Gustav Kasemaa is a dancer of improvisational dance and contemporary dance. The short piece is specifically designed for his personality and movement patterns.

4. Solo show "CRAZY", choreographer Sandra Põld, duration ca 7 min.
Music: sound effects from the movie "Requiem for a Dream", Clint Mansell; "Auditory Hallucinations".
Video: Sandra Põld
Dancer: Keithy Kuuspu

The work was completed at the Tallinn University Dance Composition course and speaks of a person who has both better and worse days. Sometimes she feels completely hopeless. Sometimes relatively normal. She may believe that someone plots a conspiracy against her or that the aliens are after her. She can believe herself to be someone else, someone almighty. She can imagine that she is monitored through TV or that the special messages are sent to her from space because she is the chosen one. She can see non-existent things and hear non-existent voices, smell non-existent odors or taste non-existent flavors. What she sees or hears is completely real for her.

Sandra Põld is studying choreography at Tallinn University. She has studied under several choreographers both in Estonia and abroad (including Broadway Dance Center in New York, Pineapple Dance Studios in London and Sydney Dance Company). Currently, Sandra is teaching young people at Laine Mägi Dance School and at the Hobby Centre Kullo KT Studio. Sandra: "I enjoy this inexpressible energy that comes from co-operating with the body and the emotion, whether it's directing or dancing yourself."

Keithy Kuuspu is a young dancer and choreographer. Her work and attitude are described as follows: "Keep your eyes open, everything is spread out in front of us, we just have to take it and put it together." Keithy is studying choreography at Tallinn University and teaching children and young people at Free Flow Studio.