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Festival Darkland Fire 8

For the 8th winter now the dark music festival Darkland Fire is inviting all music lovers to Rakvere in December. This year we have more than half of all great bands from Estonia!

8.12.2017 at 21:00 warm up party DARKLAND NIGHT
DJ'd: REZA (Killing Joke, Inertia / London (UK),
4-GOT-10 (Beats From The Vault /Tallinn (EE)), V_Pagan (Darkland Fire resident)

9.12.2017 at 18:00 DARKLAND FIRE VIII main concert

10.12.2017 at 14:00 Darkland Fire Advent

9.12.2017 at 18:00
Rakvere Kultuurikeskus, Kreutzwaldi 2, Rakvere

╪ INERTIA (Great Britain)
Inertia plays a show at Festival Darkland Fire VIII to celebrate their 25th anniversary, doubled with an album release party for their brand new output "Dream Machine" (Metropolis Records). Inertia's brand new single "Only Law" placed in September in the Deutsche Alternative Charts 3rd.
The band will be performing the brand new material and greatest songs from previous albums.
Inertia - Only Law
Inertia - Dark Valentine
Inertia - Games Without Frontiers (Live, London 2017)

╪ ZĀLE (Latvia)
Latvian Band Zāle (Grass) is an uprising cult band in Latvia, its first album "Viņa" / "She" was widely appreciated by Latvian cultural professionals and received a Golden Microphone 2015 - in the category of folk/world music (Golden Mic is something of an annual prize given to the best musicians of Latvia every year).
Zāle - Game of Thrones - Live
Zāle - Mitago

Madjanek Waltz is an experimental folk band formed in December 2001 when they released the first two-song single. They are one of the most notable projects in the Russian post-industrial scene.
Majdanek Waltz - Она

╪ OUDEIS (Estonia)
Oudeis is a music project that doesn't concentrate on one single genre. Instead, it is about exploring all the various electronic music genres existing at the moment.
Oudeis - Empress Reborn

╪ CUBUS LARVIK (Estonia)
Cubus Larvik is like a monastery inside the high walls of a castle. The sound of Cubus Larvik is multi-layered - from the threatening depths, you can hear the echoes of the distorted drones and mechanical vibrations.

Forgotten Sunrise Syndrone is 80% improvisational and atmospheric ambient/drone/tribal project of Forgotten Sunrise.
While Forgotten Sunrise in their regular form are carefully curated and served on a plate, with the extension Syndrone they paint a soundscape led by feelings and intuition straight under the eyes of listeners.

Cult Of Slaves is a Folk Noir / Outlaw Country / Doom Folkband based in Antwerp, Belgium. They play haunting murder ballads inspired by the occult, demonic possession, death, guilt, and exile. In their songs, the band's original founder, songwriter, and frontman Jan Van Woensel commemorates tragically failed love, past crimes and his life on the road.
Cult of Slaves - Forgive

╪ MR. GARFIELD (Estonia)
Mr. Garfield is an Estonian jazz/electro/synthwave sole artist prodigy. Lately, Mr. Garfield has dived into his roots – synthpop, nowadays we call it synthwave. Most influential bands of Mr. Garfield are Depeche Mode, Jan Hammer, Camouflage, Kraftwerk, Mitch Murder and almost all 80-s synthpop and early electronic music.
Mr. Garfield - 1984

╪ + more TBA soon

For the 8th winter now the music Festival DARKLAND FIRE is inviting all music lovers in December to Rakvere. As a unique event of its kind in the nearby region, the Darkland Fire offers a perfect opportunity to discover various shades of dark folk and industrial music, exciting symbioses and enchanting soundscapes from some of the most outstanding representatives of their genres.

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