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Exhibition of the best Estonian nature photos

On November 30, the annual exhibition of the best Estonian nature photos will be opened at the TV Tower. The exhibition will display 60 large-sized photos that have received prizes at the Eesti Loodus magazine’s photography competition in recent years.

The best nature photos of 2016 will be announced at the exhibition opening and 10 of these are also available for viewing at the exhibition.

Toomas Kukk, the Editor-in-chief of the Eesti Loodus magazine, explains that up until now, the awarded photographs were only available to the public electronically, while now the best works are presented to a wider audience in high-quality print at the award ceremony.

Riina Roosipuu, the director of the TV Tower, says that the TV Tower is the best venue to present the best Estonian nature photos, as the views from the tower complement the feeling one gets from the photos, playing with the views depending on the weather, and allowing many foreign visitors to witness the high quality of our nature photography as well.

Since the year 2000, the Eesti Loodus magazine has organised 16 annual photography competitions. For this exhibition, 50 works have been selected from 80 award-winning photos of the last three competitions. The photography competition of the Eesti Loodus magazine differs from other competitions by focusing on photos made of species: the photographed animal, plant or mushroom must be recognisable; when sending a photo to the competition, the photographer must add a short story about making the photo; and the photographer must identify the captured organism as precisely as they can. Eesti Loodus has not included the usual “landscape” category in its competition. In cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, a special prize has been awarded for the best biodiversity photograph. Winners of the 2016 competition will be announced already in 2016. Additional information is available on

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