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Exhibition dedicated to Johannes Uiga's 100th anniversary

Johannes Uiga’s one-hundredth anniversary in the Tartu Art House.

From Saturday, 17 February 2018 Johannes Uiga’s magnificent oeuvre will be exhibited in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House as part of the artist’s one-hundredth anniversary celebration. The exhibition is organized by the E-Kunstisalong gallery.

Johannes Uiga (12.02.1918–23.10.1998) studied in the legendary Pallas art school under the tutelage of Aleksander Vardi. His works travel through impressionism and expressionism, concentrating on the landscapes of southern Estonia and focusing on the Lake Pühajärv that was a source of endless inspiration. Besides landscape, the exhibition also includes a selection of figure and nude painting and still-lives (including flowers) from different decades. The works come from private collections.

E-Kunstisalong gallery has revered Uiga’s oeuvre from the time of its founding and was a frequent visitor to his studio. After the artist’s passing, the gallery has been his brother, Endel Uiga’s partner in administrating his legacy and has been the main mediator of his works to private collections. Johannes Uiga’s one-hundredth anniversary offers a good opportunity to introduce the wider audience to the sections of his oeuvre that are less known or haven’t been exhibited as frequently.

Every Sunday at noon a guided tour of the exhibition in Estonian will take place.

An artistic trivia challenge will take place on 11 March with Johannes Uiga’s painting as the main prize. Participants should register themselves with the E-Kunstisalong on the e-mail address:

The exhibition design is by Madis Liplap.

The exhibition will remain open until 11 March.

Tartu Art House (Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia) is open Wed-Mon 12–18. Exhibitions are free of charge.

The exhibitions of the Tartu Art House are supported by the Tartu Town Government and the Cultural Capital of Estonia.

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