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Exhibition "Art Society Pallas 100. Birth and Rebirth"

The exhibition opened at the Adamson-Eric Museum is born in collaboration with the Art Museum of Estonia and the Art Society Pallas.

It focuses on the formation of the Art Society Pallas hundred years ago and their activities until Konrad Mägi's death, including the restoration of the society thirty years ago.

The name of Pallas sounds very familiar in the Estonian cultural history, but there is a shortage of deeper knowledge about it. Yet, in the development of our spiritual and emotional culture, this society that was born with the Republic of Estonia, has played a primary role. In addition to artists, Pallas also brought together people from other areas: writers, architects, art historians and supporters. In 1919 the society established an art school, which became our first institution of higher education in the field of fine arts, which raised the art education to the same level as it was in Europe. The society organized a large number of exhibitions and initiated the foundation of Tartu Art Museum before the forced liquidation in 1940.

The exhibition pays special attention to the ten people who signed the first statute of the Art Society Pallas in Tartu on January 21, 1918: Aleksander Tassa, Konrad Mägi, Auguste Pärn, Alma Johanson (Koskel), Johannes Einsild, Voldemar Kangro-Pool, Klara (Claire) Holst , Marie Reisik, Mart Pukits and Ado Vabbe. Some of them were already known and are known to date, others were unknown or were active in another field. The eleventh one in focus is Friedebert Tuglas, whose signature for unknown reasons is not in the statute, but who was still actively participating in the establishing of the society.

From the times of restoration of Pallas, the exhibition focuses on six artists and personalities: Ann Audova, Linda Kits-Mägi, Karin Luts, Alfred Kongo, Eduard Rüga and Voldemar Vaga. The birth and rebirth of Pallas and people who participated in it are presented mainly through works of art, in conjunction with lights and shades and color solutions, in order to make visible the strength and the time-tested character of the Pallas school.

Curators: Ülle Kruus, Enn Lillemets
Designer: Inga Heamägi
Educational programmes: Liisi Selg

Opening of the exhibition: 25.01.2018 at 5 p.m.

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