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Exhibition "Aliens" by The Association of Estonian Scenographers

Exhibition "Aliens" will be opened on Friday, August 31 at 4 pm at the Niguliste Museum.

The Association of Estonian Scenographers launched a series of exhibitions called "1:10" in 2017, the second exhibition is to take place at the Niguliste Museum in the Old Town of Tallinn. The aim of the exhibition series is to introduce the scenographer's profession to a wider audience and engage artists of different generations. The participants express their ideas through the means of visual art while employing the specific working methods of a scenographer – as a starting point, using a room which is not a typical gallery or a stage. The former church will be turned into a 800-year-old gallery.

The idea of "Aliens" originates from the exhibition room whose function has changed over time and that is strongly reminiscent of its past. Sacred architecture and medieval works of art create a perspective that dates back to the 13th century. The intentions of the contemporary scenographers engender communication between the church, permanent exhibition and modern works. The environment can help to come closer to the original narratives, deconstruct images and create new metaphors – in order to gain a fresh look at the commonly known associations, generalisations and interpretations. The name of the exhibition refers to the potential of a meeting between strangers.

The members of the Association of Estonian Scenographers to participate in the exhibition are: Mari-Liis Küla, Vladimir Anshon, Lilja Blumenfeld, Liisi Eelmaa, Pille Jänes, Marge Martin, Rosita Raud, Inga Vares and Emer Värk.

The curators are Maret Tamme and Arthur Arula.

The producer is Ere Naat-Tammepuu.

The exhibition is open from August 31 until the end of September during the opening hours of the Niguliste Museum.

Special thanks to Niguliste Museum, Cultural Endowment of
Estonia, Estonian Artists' Association, ERR, Metall24, Grano, Oskar Pruus, Maria Lee Liivak, Lauri Kaldoja, Kaja Arula, Triinu Ojalo

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