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Exhibition "1982"

The exhibition "1982" aims to give an overview of one year in the history of the century-old Republic of Estonia. 1982 represents the Soviet era in Estonia, which lasted for 48 years, nearly two generations.

The exhibition is mostly based on photo materials and gives an overview of people of that time with their dreams and aspirations that did not care about the ruling power or ideology. With the participation of these people, the Republic of Estonia was restored in the next decade.

The local agronomist and amateur photographer Ants Maripuu (1952–2015) captured the everyday life in the countryside which was considered not to be worth photographed at that time, but today these pictures have become a unique source of history.

The exhibition "1982" is curated by Tiit Kaljuste, Anton Pärn and Karin Mägi.

The opening of the exhibition is on February 28, 2018, at 4 p.m.

On the photo: Ants Maripuu. Private collection

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