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Dag Sørås "Cognitive Dissonance"

At Comedy Estonia we have a long tradition of bringing our very favourite international comedians to Tartu and we appreciate your support so much!

Everyone loves the headline comedian and wants to hear more from them so we now have one very special HEADLINER doing a whole HOUR performance. Our Comedy Estonia team will warm up the crowd in the first half and then after a short break we will see our main man, DAG SØRÅS (NO) rock the stage!


Dag Sørås started doing stand-up in 2002, in a last, desperate attempt to catch the attention of a girl he liked. It worked out. Since then he has gained a reputation for being one of his country's most innovative and prolific comics, which has earned him awards for both «best newcomer» and «comic of the year».

In addition to numerous tours in his home country, he was also the first Norwegian to put on a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.  He has done gigs in places as diverse as Iceland, Estonia and Switzerland, and supported some of the biggest names in comedy, including Doug Stanhope and Bill Burr.

Whether he targets himself or the world around him, the comedy of Dag Sørås is all rooted in unflinching honesty. Described as a «big-brained, baby-faced comedy assassin with killer punchlines» by the Comedy Cafe in London, his act is definitely not for everyone, but all the more rewarding for those that choose to come along for the ride. A skewed world-view has rarely seemed this smart and funny.

“Sørås is the master of the comedic simile, and deliciously appalling imagery…quite brilliant…laugh-out-loud funny” - The Scotsman

Performing on the evening

Dag Sørås (NO) performing his show "Cognitive Dissonance”


Ardo Asperk 
Ari Matti Mustonen

Host: Louis Zezeran (AUS)

Recommend entry is 16+ but hey, we don't check your documents at the door so knock yourself out.