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Correction is a collaboration between Estonian and Danish performing artists. The Estonian premiere takes place on 17th September at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava.

Correction is a manic meditation about perfection and perversion and how you can lose everything when striving for the sublime. By means of dance, trash, music and voice we attack Thomas Bernhard’s post-structural masterpiece Correction with equal parts of virtuosity and punk.

We investigate how to give Bernhard’s dizzying repetitions and hyperboles a body and a voice. A sweaty meeting between a relentless text and two performers.

We will dance thinking. Thinking underlined.

Gardenparty is a stage art collective consisting of Tobias Shaw (DK), Maret Tamme (EE) and Anders Tougaard (DK). We have a mutual background from the Norwegian Theatre Academy. Correction is our first performance together created and premiered 1st of March 2018 at Teaterøen in Copenhagen.

Authors: Tobias Shaw, Maret Tamme and Anders Tougaard
Text: Thomas Bernhard, Tobias Shaw, Maret Tamme and Anders Tougaard
Performers: Tobias Shaw and Anders Tougaard
Scenography and light: Maret Tamme
Music and sound: Tobias Shaw

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Language: English

Co-production: STL, Teaterøen and Teater Momentum

On September 19 performance will be followed by an artist talk.

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