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Concert "When Silence Falls"

An international music group performs Merje Kägu's authorial creation.

The project "When Silence Falls" builds bridges between classical, improvisational and world music. The performers bring together north and south. Performers are from Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. The septet was created in Sweden in early spring of 2016. This is Merje Kägu's authorial creation, inspired by the silence and sense of life. Every musician in this ensemble has an important role, both as an instrumentalist and as a human being.

Merje Kägu is an Estonian guitarist who has studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama. She has professionally complemented herself in South Denmark and Oslo Music Academy.

"Playing and writing music is something that grabs my attention and interest. I am looking for ways to combine composition and improvisation with each other so that it's possible to create a personal intimate and narrative dialogue with the audience. Where there is no room for words, there speaks music. The meaning of Estonian concerts is to share the music and thoughts that have gathered during the years while studying away from the homeland."