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Concert series HELIjaKEEL: opening concert 'Until the Sun Wakes Up'

The opening concert of the concert series HELIjaKEEL (SOUNDandLANGUAGE) in season 2017/2018.

Malle Maltis. Hasso Krull. Sander Tuvikene

Musical happening & installation, focusing on Estonian, Finnish, Võro-Seto and Sami language.

The concert "Until the Sun Wakes Up" will present Estonian, Finnish, Võro-Seto and Sami language. The aim of the work is to present the unique languages and cultures of the Finno-Ugric peoples and to recognize their value. The center of the installation is the sound of languages as a music that has its own rhythm, intonation, and character.

The author of the idea and music is Malle Maltis. Merle Jääger's song in Seto language, "Kallimb vii takast", is also included in the music. The song uses Hasso Krull's texts from the trilingual collection "Kiviring" (translated into Finnish by Hannu Oittinen, translated into Võro by Triinu Ojar). Especially for the concert, the texts are translated into Sami by Luobbal-Jovsset Esko | Esko Aikio. The author of the video is Sander Tuvikene. The concert will be held in cooperation with the Fenno-Ugric Foundation and it's the opening event of the Kindred Peoples' Days 2017.

Performers: Iris Oja (voice), Merle Jääger (voice, Seto texts), Satu Tillanen (Finnish texts), Piibe Aikio (Sami texts), Olga Voronova (violin), Leho Karin (cello), Kristi Mühling (kannel), Diana Liiv (pump organ), Leonora Palu (flute), Jandra Puusepp (saxophone), Tammo Sumera (electonics), Malle Maltis (electronics).

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