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Concert of Rüüt and Kirju

Rüüt is made up of four members who have been making music together for five years now. Their melodies combine the colours of each member's world that are glued together with a common attitude towards music and creation.

Although the ensemble relies on Estonian folk music in its work, Rüüt does not limit itself to a particular genre but keeps all the doors open. Due to this, each song has a unique character which takes the listeners on a journey through one of a kind sound landscape.

In addition to traditional music covers, the ensemble also presents its own creation that is written by the group members. The soundscapes of Rüüt are strongly shaped by the innovative use of a unique Teppo-type accordion by male members of the ensemble. However, the female vocals of Rüüt are recognizable in their nuances, because they skillfully combine both powerful runic songs and subtle and glimmering polyphony.

Kirju consists of three young violinists: Helina Sommer, Juuli Kõrre and Maria Mänd. They have found their own common language in traditional music. When playing both traditional melodies and traditional self-creation, the three bows move in a beautiful unity.

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