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Cinema Dentata #10: Spider

Latvian erotic horror film from 1992.

A balding shady artist is invited to Riga to paint the portrait of Virgin Mary. When looking for a model, he notices a gentle and innocent Vita, who is permitted to be a model by the school priest. Following the intrusive posing session, Vita is tormented by nightmares about the artist who has become a rapist spider. The priest, who saw Vita as a model, sends her to hide in Saaremaa. An artist with evil intentions follows her.

The B-horror gem filmed in Latvia and Estonia has come back out of oblivion - and there's a reason for that. The erotic horror fantasy, which is truly inventive considering its limited budget, allows us to note with satisfaction that the film history of Estonia is worth discovering.

Vita is played by enchantingly beautiful Aurēlija Anužīte. The film was directed by Vasili Mass.

The film programme is curated by Allan Appelberg.

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