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Children's survey "Me too!"

On January 25 - February 20, 2017, the national children's cultural survey "Me too!" is held to learn more about the life and activities of Estonian children at home and abroad.

All the 7-12-year-old Estonian children from all over the world are welcome to participate.

The focus is on their perception of Estonia, school life, extra-curricular activities, and cultural preferences. In the period leading up to the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the survey is definitely a suitable part of a class or a family discussion.

The survey is available at and is in Estonian language. If necessary, the survey can be translated for children and filled in in other languages. Several questions can be approached creatively and no answer is wrong. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and prizes will be raffled among the participants. The results of the survey help create contemporary portraits of Estonian children and will be an inspiration for the new publication about Estonian children.

2017 is the Year of Children's and Youth Culture "Me too!", which aims to value children and youngsters as cultural creators and audience. The theme year was initiated by the Ministry of Culture and is being implemented by the Estonian Children's Literature Centre. The theme-year-inspired publication will be issued by the Estonian Institute.

The Estonian Institute would like to thank the partners and organisers of the event:
Estonian Children's Literature Centre

Additional information:

Marju Kask, Project Manager of Children and Youth Year of Culture 2017, marju.kask@elk,ee, phone +372 522 8659
Anneli Kengsepp, Development manager of the Estonian Children's Literature Centre,, phone +372 5340 5529
Katrin Tombak, Publications Editor of the Estonian Institute,, phone +372 5340 7756

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