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Cantores Vagantes

18th century chamber music for clavichord, bass recorder and flute will be performed at the concert.

In museums and private collection, about a hundred bass recorders from the 18th century have been preserved. Repertoire for bass recorder from the same period is very scarce. What was played on these instruments? The lack of an answer to this question is a reason why contemporary masters are not interested in using these instruments, which in turn causes the recorder players not to use them. In the recent years, we have been trying to break that cycle and achieved results, which could arouse the audience's interest. Clavichord is not a usual concert instrument either, but the great number of the instruments that have been preserved, bears witness to its past popularity.


Reet Sukk – flute, recorders
Taavi-Mats Utt – recorders
Anna Maria McElwain – clavichord (Finland)

Tickets 7/10 €