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Bob Sparham's exhibition "Light in the Landscape"

The Estonian Printing and Paper Museum's Balcony Gallery has turned into The Gallery.

Though the balcony that defined the name is no more, the gallery in the changed location is completely new and fresh and on the walls glow tabula rasa. The Printing and Paper Museum's Gallery is inaugurated by British printmaker Bob Sparham's exhibition entitled "Light in the Landscape".

Bob Sparham is a British artist and lecturer with a background in art history. Bob's source of inspiration is Japanese print art that inspires him to create pastel prints with a focus on nature. Tartu's art audience knows Bob's works thanks to the linocut competition in May 2017 when Bob's prints turned out to be the jury's favourites.

The exhibition is opened on February 27 at 7 pm. The new Printing and Paper Museum Gallery is located in the courtyard of Kastani 48f, instructions on how to enter the museum are here:

The exhibition is supported by Estonian Printing and Paper Museum, the City of Tartu, the Cultural Endowment of Tartu, The Association of Estonian Printmakers.

Bob Sparham is in Tartu as part of the Tartu municipal residency program. The Tartu Artist in Residence program is financed by the City of Tartu and implemented by the Estonian Printing and Paper Museum. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

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