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Auteur cinema 2018: Trespassers #3: Delicatessen

A former clown Louison will finally find a job on a butcher's. The latter owns a complete apartment building in a town in ruins that is ruled by hunger, despair and desperation.

Between a good-natured stranger and a butcher's daughter, a relationship develops and the house-owner does not like that. However, as a rule, the new residents of the apartment building will soon disappear, and besides, all the residents are bound together by a common secret.

In the post-apocalyptic world of "Delicatessen", all the dark secrets will soon turn into inventive comical situations. Jean-Pierre Jeunet's and Marc Caro's film has slight shades of B-movies and splatters as well as Amelie that is completed ten years later. "Delicatessen" can be viewed as a fairy tale, a testing ground for visual ideas, a futuristic dystopia, or an eye-catching twin of Leos Carax's films. However, the simple idea is surrounded by a brilliant black comedy, aware of the film history.

The series is curated by Karlo Funk.

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