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Animated films of the students of Estonian Academy of Arts

The 12-year-old animation department of the Estonian Academy of Arts did it again! The fans of animated films are anticipating and are already gathering quietly around the cinema Sõprus. A special bus to Saint Petersburg is warming up the engine.

This is already the third spring when animation students of the Estonian Academy of Arts give a new breath to the world of animation. The 90-minute programme makes the animation department of the Estonian Academy of Arts the biggest animated film producer in Estonia. There is no doubt who is being talked about when talking about the Estonian animation industry.

Screenings (free entry):
June 13 at 6 p.m. at Cinema Sõprus in Tallinn
June 16 at 7 p.m. at Botanical Garden in Saint Petersburg
June 20 at 6 p.m. at Elektriteater in Tartu

The programme shown at cinema Sõprus on June 13 at 6 p.m. is divided into two parts:
🎬 10 films from BA students
🎬 11 films from MA students

The graduate students of the animation department are very international. The authors are from Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA, Spain, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, and Russia.

Traditionally, the programme is also shown at Tartu Elektriteater and the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.


Kuldrenett | Liis Kokk
Tähevalguse linn | Ester Sall
Luul | Mari-Leen Üksküla-Eomois
La Dolce Vita | Henri Kaido Veermäe
Haaron ja Julia | Henri Kaido Veermäe, Rauno Raat, Siim Raud
Kontakt | Mari Kivi
Puupea | Karl Silvar Alemaa, Leander Meresaar
5th Round | Leander Meresaar
Axis | Rauno Raat
Toiduahel | Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk
300g/m2 | Kamila Kučikova
Procrastination | Nata MetlukhIn
Between the Walls of Perception | Pablo M. Ballarín
Swimmingpool | Karin Paumer
Frank | Red, Huei Jen Hung
Control | Shakir Khan
Pura Vida | Nata Metlukh
Sweet Sweat | Jung Hyun Kim
Pearlfall | Leonid Shmelkov
Gaia | Jass Kaselaan
Sounds Good | Sander Joon