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6th International A-Festival

This autumn, 12th-15th of October International A-Festival organised by Tartu University Theatre, is taking place in Tartu. The festival, which is taking place for the 6th time, greets performances from Germany, Russia, Latvia, Belgium and Estonia.

The audience will be able to experience physical theatre (Obsession of Stella Polaris, Tartu Student Theatre and Fairytale St. Peterburg movement theatre D.O.M) absurd comedy by Eugene Ionesco (The Bald Soprano, Polygon Theatreschool), Shakespeare’s tragicomic travel through the storm (The Tempest Studio-lab Milky Way/ Oryol Cultural Institute), Jack London’s drunken story (Jack, Moscow Author theatre “Sketches in the space”) and a post-apocalyptic view from the moment of the destruction of the cherry orchard (Adaptations of A. Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard - Jelgava Student theatre, Latvia and Belgium Royal University theatre)

The opening performance of the festival is Berlin-based group ProtokollB’s piece titled forest/machine/slaughterhouse-prayer, where actors Fabian Neupert and Richard Gonglag try to survive in a world that is full of love and war.

Different from the previous years, A-Festival has two performances based on the same production process, which in their nuances create integrity, asking what happens after the destruction of the cherry orchard. The artistic director of the Tartu University theatre Kalev Kudu has started the process of The Cherry Orchard, which brings to the stage a feel of the apocalypse. During the years of 2016-2017, Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard was completed by Kudu in Georgia, Belgium and Latvia. The festival will feature two versions, which will be performed on October 13th and 14th.

The festival will end with an interactive show "Jack" by Moscow Author theatre “Sketches in the space”, adapted from the stories by Jack London. To this end, the local pizza restaurant Ruunipizza in Tartu will become a tavern - the audience will sit at the tables, behind the bar, on the hay sculptures. The audience is not just a silent spectator, but an important part of the story. Like in every tavern, you can dance, fight and naturally - have some booze.

Alongside the main program right before the festival on 7-11 October, Belgian Royal Student Theater director Alain Chevalier's masterclass takes place. The main focus of the masterclass is Heiner Müller's post-dramatic text "Herzstück". In the middle of the training, the groups interchange interpretations, analyze different text interpretations and mutually interpret each other. The performance of the masterclass can be seen at the A-Festival on Saturday, October 14th.

In addition, in collaboration with the Union of Theatre Studies Russian theatre-makers will talk at a panel discussion titled "Making theatre in modern Russia", which discusses recent events in the east and its impact on theatre arts. The discussion will take place on Saturday, October 14th at Üheteistkümnes (Gildi 3-11).

VI International A-Festival will be held in Tartu on October 12-15. Tickets available at the door and Additional information and the full schedule:


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