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22nd International Festival "Orient et Occident"

The festival is focused on Oriental culture and its relations with early European, primarily Medieval culture.

Masters of music from Italy, Iran, Palestine, Uzbekistan & Estonia.

European Medieval music, Persian, Sufi, Arab, Japanese & Uzbek traditional and contemporary music and improvisations.

Festival programme 2017:

Friday, 13 October

19.00 University of Tartu Assembly Hall
Golden Whirling Sun
Opening of the festival: Iranian early and Sufi music, Uzbek Classical Music

Hamdam Ensemble (Iran)
Ilyos Arabov (Uzbekistan) – dutar, tanbur, sato

Tartu St. John’s Church
Gregorian Chant
Schola Greoriana Tartuensis (Estonia)

Saturday, 14 October

19.00 University of Tartu Assembly Hall
Bridge Over History
European Medieval music, Arab Classical and contemporary music

Giovannangelo de Gennaro (Italy) – singing, fiddle
FA Schola Ensemble (Estonia)
Ahmad al Khatib (Palestine) – ud

Tartu St. Joh’n Church
Beauty of Empiness
Ensemble KuuKuu (Estonia)

Sunday, 15 October

18.00 Tallinn Town Hall
Call of the Silk Road
Musical meetings: European Medieval music, Persian, Arab &Uzbek traditional music

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