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11th Türi Spring Festival

11th Türi Spring Festival is titled "Spring – Love is in the Air". Fresh spring air, lilacs, birdsong, great concerts, and exciting events!

At the 11th Türi Spring Festival:
World-famous trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and pianist Florian Weber (Germany), violin and piano duo Michael Foyle – Maksim Štšura (England/Estonia), baroque ensemble Floridante and soprano Maria Valdmaa, French chansons trio by Erkki Otsman – Jaak Lutsoja – Tanel Liiberg, children's concert "Sipsik": Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, pianist Viola Asoskova and actress Anu Lamp; exhibition of Fred Jüssi's nature photos, Radio Night University lecture by Mathura, nature hike (Kaarel Aluoja, Veljo Runnel) and joint singing "Kirtan", conducted by yoga instructor Jörg Buneru (Germany).

The festival's patron is Fred Jüssi, artistic director and producer Iren Lill.

Spring lives in Türi!

Programme of the 2017 festival:

Friday, June 2

At 18.00 in the foyer of Türi Cultural Centre
Opening of the festival and Fred Jüssi's photo exhibition "Kivimustrid" ("Stone Patterns")

At 19.00 in the chamber hall of Türi Cultural Centre
Duo Foyle-Štšura - violin and piano (England/Estonia)
Repertoire: L. van Beethoven, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Powers, C. Franck

At 21.30 in the exhibition hall of Türi Cultural Centre
Radio Night University: "If I said "love"..."
Lecturer: Mathura

Saturday, June 3

At 15.00 in the big hall of Türi Cultural Centre
Rasmus Puur/Eno Raud "Sipsik"
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conductor Rasmus Puur, reader Anu Lamp, Viola Asoskova (piano, Tallinn Music High School)

At 19.00 in Türi church
"Nuove musiche"
Soprano Maria Valdmaa and ensemble Floridante
Meelis Orgse - baroque violin
Kristo Käo - theorbo
Anna-Liisa Eller - zither
Saale Fischer - organ, harpsichord
Repertoire: Rognoni, Bassano, Caccini, Peri, d'India, etc.

At 21.30 in the cafe of Türi Cultural Centre
"Chanson D`Amour"
Erkki Otsman (vocals)
Jaak Lutsoja (accordion)
Tanel Liiberg (double bass)

Sunday, June 4

At 6.30 departure from the parking lot of Türi Cultural Centre
Nature hike in Laupa, guides Kaarel Aluoja and Veljo Runnel. After the hike "Kirtan" - joint singing conducted by yoga instructor Jörg Buneru.

At 18.00 in the chamber hall of Türi Cultural Centre
"Inside Out"
Markus Stockhausen - trumpet, flugelhorn (Germany), Florian Weber - piano (Germany)

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