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11th Jõhvi Ballet Festival

For the first time, there are three theatres at the Jõhvi Ballet Festival.

The St. Petersburg Mihhailovsky Theater, the Moscow Ballet Theater and the Estonian National Ballet are at the 11th Jõhvi Ballet Festival. This time, the festival focuses on contemporary dance theatre and provides only contemporary ballet performances from the best of the best.

After a six-year break, the main guest of the ballet festival is one of the most significant ballet troupes in the world - St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre.

Mikhailovsky, founded in 1833, is one of the oldest continually functioning theatres in Russia. "Night of Nacho Duato's Short Ballets", performed at the Jõhvi Concert Hall on May 1, consists of short ballets created based on the music of Franz Schubert, Claude Debussy and Heitor Villa-Lobos.

The dance legend Nacho Duato, born in 1957, has worked as the ballet master of the Dutch Dance Theatre, has been the artistic director of the Spanish National Ballet for twenty years, and the ballet director of the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre. Since 2014, he has been the artistic director of the Berlin National Ballet and the resident guest choreographer at the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

On May 3, 2018, the Estonian National Ballet will perform Eduard Tubin's ballet "Kratt". This is the first Estonian ballet and is also Tubin's first work for the musical theatre. According to Maria Kesler, the director and choreographer, she took into account the fact that the troupe was at a very high level and used as much as possible both the physical and emotional power of the troupe. "Modern ballet is very close to my heart, and in the end, my mixed body language came from classics, modern dance and neo-classics," Kesler told to the Aktuaalne Kaamera news programme.

On May 5, 2018, the Moscow Ballet Theatre performs the outstanding contemporary dance performance of the young Canadian choreographer Robert Binet - "Kreutzer's Sonata" based on the Lev Tolstoy's story with the same name; the libretto is written by Britta Johnson (Canada), music by Gity Razaz (USA).

The second short ballet of the evening is "Equus" (horse in Latin) - choreography by Anastassia Kadruleva and Artjom Ignatyev, music by Aleksey Aig. It peeks the hidden side of the dance world, showing how much work is needed to create a seemingly effortless beauty.

In addition, the Jõhvi Ballet Festival will host a number of traditional events such as children's ballet gala, but also a fashion show, baby ballet, workshops, and more.


Sun, 29 April at 4 p.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
Children´s Ballet Gala
Gala performance presents young ballet dancers from all over Estonia.
Artistic director Maria Goltsman

Tue, 1 May at 4.30 p.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
Fashion show

Tue, 1 May at 7 p.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
Mikhailovsky Ballet St.Petersbourg
Nacho Duato Triple Bill

"Without words"
Choreography: Nacho Duato / music: Franz Schubert

Choreography: Nacho Duato / music: Claude Debussy

"Na Floresta"
Choreography: Nacho Duato / music: Heitor Villa-Lobos, Wagner Tisso

Wed, 2 May at 10.30 a.m. Jõhvi Culture and Leisure Centre
Concert for young audiences
"The Baby Ballet", music by Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Strauss

The Opera Quartet will perform the best of classical music, suitable for babies as their first concert experience as well as for their parents to enjoy. The concert lasts for 45 minutes.

In collaboration with Estonian National Opera

Wed, 2 May at 11 a.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
"The Story of Ballet"

The ballet lesson consists of two parts firstly giving the overview of the history of ballet and then incorporating the young audiences into the dance number with the help of artists of Estonian National Ballet.

In collaboration with Estonian National Opera

Thu, 3 May at 7 p.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
„The Goblin“
Ballet in two acts
Choreography: Marina Kesler / music: Eduard Tubin.
Estonian National Ballet

Sat, 5 May at 7 p.m. Jõhvi Concert Hall
Moscow Ballet

"The Kreutzer Sonata"
Libretto: Britta Johnson (Canada)
Music: Gity Razaz (USA)
Dance performance by the outstanding young choreographer Robert Binet based on the novella of the same title by Leo Tolstoy.

Choreography: Anastasia Kadruleva, Artiom Ignatyev
Music: Alexei Aigi
"Equus" (a horse, in Latin) unfolds the hidden part of the theatre indicating the self-sustaining work of the dance artists resulting with seemingly effortless grace.

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