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11th birthday of Kumu art museum

On February 17, 2017, Kumu art museum celebrates its 11th birthday. On the birthday, the admission to the museum only costs 1 euro.

Throughout the whole birthday week, all sorts of events from tours and art workshops to performances of contemporary dance take place in the museum. Special discounts are offered by both the Museum Shop and Kumu Reval Café.

The programme of Kumu's birthday week:

February 16, Thursday:
At 18.00 – Delvaux&Draw, nude drawing studio at the exhibition „Paul Delvaux. A Waking Dreamer“

February 17, Friday:
At the exhibition „Paul Delvaux. A Waking Dreamer“

At 11.30 – 60+ art series tour;
At 13.00 – 60+ art series charcoal drawing workshop;
At 14.00 – 60+ art series tour in Russian.

At the permanent exhibition:

At 16.00 – „Treasury“ tour with Kumu's director Kadi Polli and curator Liis Pählapuu;
At 17.00 – „Conflicts and Adaptations“ curator tour with Anu Allas.

February 18, Saturday

At the exhibition „Between the Archive and Architecture“

At 14.00 – „Body and Space“ Russian-language lecture about contemporary dance;
At 15.00 – „Body and Space“ dance performance and open workshop;
At 16.00 – „Body and Space“ Estonian-language lecture about contemporary dance.

February 19, Sunday

At 12.00 – Russian-language family morning at the exhibition „Paul Delvaux. A Waking Dreamer“

Kumu art museum open on February 17, 2006. In 2008, Kumu received the internationally prestigious European Museum of the Year Award.

Kumu art museum is a multi-layered art and cultural centre: on the third floor of the museum, the treasury of Estonian art is located, showing art from the 18th century to the Second World War; on the fourth floor, the works from the era following this period are showcased. Kumu contemporary art gallery on the fifth floor hosts alternating exhibitions by Estonian and international curators, and it is also an idea lab open for new media and fresh impulses of the art field. In addition, there is a large exhibition space in Kumu, which offers space for the most demanding and important exhibitions – one of the most unique collaboration projects will be the first ever personal exhibition of Michel Sittow with Washington National Gallery in 2018.

Around 12-14 larger exhibition projects take place in Kumu annually, half of them dealing with Estonian and the rest with international art history and contemporary art. In parallel with the exhibition, a 250-seat auditorium hosts film programmes, performances, concerts, seminars and conferences, the educational centre offers programmes and courses for different age groups, and the library contains the largest selection of art literature in Estonia.

Approximately 140 000 people visit Kumu annually.